What exactly is the <NW> API?

I am Todd Heidenreich and the <NW> API is my final project for the Iron Yard Aademy. I have spent endless days and nights in the Next building, while never once taking off my coat. With the guidance of Mason Stewart, I assembled an army of Arduino units (see awesome action photo above) with the sole purpose of detailing the frigid conditions I have endured to achieve coding excellence.

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With the use of Johnny-Five for NodeJS from @rwaldron, and the “StandardFirmata” software package for Arduino, I programmed the Arduino units to collect weather data. These units were placed throughout the Next Innocation Center and began posting data to a Heroku server utilizing a MongoDB. If you feel the need for more Next building weather information, head on down to the Getting Started section and let the programming magic commence!

What's possible?

There are four data points currently collected with Arduino units. With the addition of more sensors the units could collect a wider array of data points.

  • Temperature
  • Light Intensity
  • Location
  • Data Collection Time

On the right is a chart utilizing Chart.JS showing the current temperatures in the NEXT Innovation Center.

Getting started with the <NW> API

Start building an application to let the builing manager know you are very, very cold with actual data collected from the frendly confines of the NEXT Innovation Center. The API endpoint is detailed below.

The following request:

curl -X GET http://tiny-pizza-server.herokuapp.com/collections/weather

will return a JSON object with the following format:

                      "location":"lecture hall",